HEMOLUS Absorbable Hemostat

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HEMOLUS Absorbable Hemostat
Product Details:



Oxidized regenerated cellulose derivatives.


Knitted fabric.



Mechanism of Action

Absorbable hemostat upon contact with blood, transforms into a sticky, translucent gel that slows further diffusion of liquid molecules. It is fully bio-compatible and is broken down and completely absorbed by the body at rates that depend on the amount placed and the availability of fluid in the area where it has been applied.

Tissue Reaction

When used properly in minimal amounts, Hemolus™ is absorbed from the sites of implantation with practically no tissue reaction.

Degradation Time

2–4 weeks after in vivo implantation.


Gamma irradiation


White with pale yellow.

Shelf Life

3 years.


Box of 12 pcs.

Distinct Features:
  • Material that drapes and wraps well.

  • In addition to its local hemostatic properties, Hemolus™ is bactericidal In Vitro against a wide range of gram positive and gram negative organisms.